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Your Anxiety Relief Toolkit

Anxiety disorders are currently at an all-time high. If you want to decrease your levels of anxiety and increase your moments of peace, this course is for you.

Andrea’s course is absolutely fantastic. She shares so many very helpful and effective tools to deal with anxiety/being an anxious type of person. She leads the course with gentleness, wisdom and expertise. I have already recommended it to my anxious friends and can’t praise it highly enough. There will be tools for everyone. I was especially affected by Day 8, but I also appreciate so much all the different techniques she offers. I now have a comprehensive tool kit to deal with anxiety (and unhappiness/dissatisfaction), which I will practice. Thank you so, so much Andrea. I am deeply respectful and grateful to you.
– C.A. Malvern, UK

I have redone the course because there is so much content to help the anxiety. Thank you for speaking from your heart and with such compassion in your delivery. The biggest revelation is that I am not alone, just a breed that feels anxiety.
– S.A. QLD, Australia

Highest recommendations! Fantastic course! Andrea was really professional, well-prepared and highly organized (no rambling). She offers so many proven, practical, do-able techniques that there’s sure to be at least one thing that works for every one and every situation. End result is a toolbox of approaches to ameliorate anxious thoughts and feelings. Best of all, Andrea has the loveliest, most soothing voice and she comes across as genuinely compassionate – just hearing her and the obvious empathy in her tone makes an immediate impact. I’m so appreciative of the time she put in creating and recording this course.
– C.T. Lakeville, NY

Practical Tools for Anxiety Relief

If you are struggling with excess stress or anxiety, this course will load you up with user-friendly tools to calm your body and quiet your mind.



This course is like a treasure chest. Every day a new gift, a new tool.
– A.N. Basel, Switzerland

What a beautiful course! I find all the tools so useful and helpful. I am so grateful for this course and the tools that I am learning here.
– M.A. Tampere, Finland

I really love the techniques. They are all helping greatly. Thank you.
– R.A. Palm Bay, FL

Practical Tools for Depression Relief

This 12-lesson course combines therapeutic practices, personal stories, powerful metaphors, writing exercises, guided meditations, and a dash of humor to provide support and relief from depression.

Thank you for this course! It is so helpful. Your class on anxiety and this one on depression have helped me more than therapy as I can use them in the moment I’m struggling. It also helps me to realize I’m not alone….I’m not broken….or wrong. It’s like I’m reparenting myself. With great gratitude and such a feeling of relief that I can heal.
– LN, Sedona, AZ

A well conceived course on depression. No black and white didactic. Very accepting and nonjudgmental course. Your voice is at a perfect relaxed pace. Thank you.
– HF, Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you so much for this course. I am learning to be more honest with myself and my feelings. I am telling myself now that it’s not my fault for feeling depressed and continuing to give myself compassion every step of the way. Thank you for reminding me of that.
– KE, Alexandria, VA

I highly encourage anyone challenged by that dark hole known as depression to engage in this course. It’s filled with compassion, love, wisdom, support and so much more… I will revisit many times because I know there’s so much more for me to draw out from the course! Thank you so very much for sharing and giving us all that hope is possible and never, ever give up.
-CW, Rosewell, NM

Getting Over Overeating

Whether you struggle with overeating or binge eating, this course is for you. Join Andrea as she guides you on a multi-faceted journey to help you discover and heal the issues that have been leading you to need excess food.

Thank you for this wonderful course. I have learned more about myself in the last several days than I have in all the years I’ve been working on myself.
– C.B. Montana, USA

Thank you so much for creating this course. I’ve already gotten a lot of benefit from your ideas and implementing them.
– A.P. The Hague, Netherlands

Your kind voice holding my hand through this is hope-filled and comforting. Hearing your thoughts and knowledge based on your own experiences and practice is a beautiful and helpful anchor in the process.
– M.A. Michigan, USA

Making Peace with the Body You Live In

If you struggle with body image issues, this course will help you uncover the root causes of your body battle and gently guide you along the path of peace.

I have often thought how strange it is that I take such good care of my car but don’t pay as close attention to filling my body with such good care. But as I add more mileage to this body I realize more and more, my gratitude to my body for getting me to this point in life. Through the support of your nourishing teachings, I vow to continue to pay more and more attention to my special chassis. Thank you for your teachings!
– C.H. Elk Grove, CA

I got so much from this course! The lessons gave me tools and empowerment to grow in love and acceptance of myself as I am now. When you?re ready to spend less time thinking unkindly about your body and more time in peace and presence, this course is for you.
– R.E. Philadelphia, PA

This course was very helpful. It will take time to really change my thoughts but now I have a good foundation for doing so. Thank you so much Andrea!
– C.C. Paris, France