Free Podcasts

8 Tips To Overcome Depression: This 30-minute Insight Timer talk for is for anyone struggling with depression.

6 Ways We Can Stop the Bad Body Image Epidemic: This 17-minute talk will teach you how to do your part in making some positive body image changes for yourself and the people in your life.

Getting Over Overeating Podcast: 12-minutes of healthy messages for anyone struggling with overeating or binge eating.

Anti-Anorexia Podcast: For anyone who is trying to overcome dieting, restricting and/or anorexia.
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Bulimia-Buster Podcast: For anyone who is trying to overcome dieting, bingeing or purging.
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Binge-Buster Podcast: For anyone who is trying to overcome dieting, overeating or bingeing.
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More Recordings

40-minute interview with the Full Bloom Project: Helping Kids with Body Positivity- October 2019

One-hour and 15 min. interview on Life Unrestricted Podcast: How to make therapy work for you – July 2017

50-minute interview on The Sexyfit Podcast: Ending Your “I Feel Fat” Spell – May 2017

20-minute interview on ED Matters Podcast – April 2017

One-hour interview on Relationships 2.0 with Dr. Michelle Skeen – December 2016

10-minute podcast with Jennings Wire – September 2016

One-hour interview on Real Talk with Audre – July 2016

50-minute interview from the Kick Sugar Addiction World Summit 2016

Don’t Diet, Live-It Teleclass Recording – March 2010
Learn about the four components of a Live-It in this one-hour class.