Audio Courses

The following low-cost courses are available exclusively through the Insight Timer app.

Your Anxiety Relief Toolkit

Anxiety disorders are currently at an all-time high. If you want to decrease your levels of anxiety and increase your moments of peace, this course is for you.

Andrea’s course is absolutely fantastic. She shares so many very helpful and effective tools to deal with anxiety/being an anxious type of person. She leads the course with gentleness, wisdom and expertise. I have already recommended it to my anxious friends and can’t praise it highly enough. There will be tools for everyone. I was especially affected by Day 8, but I also appreciate so much all the different techniques she offers. I now have a comprehensive tool kit to deal with anxiety (and unhappiness/dissatisfaction), which I will practice. Thank you so, so much Andrea. I am deeply respectful and grateful to you.
– C.A. Malvern, UK

I have redone the course because there is so much content to help the anxiety. Thank you for speaking from your heart and with such compassion in your delivery. The biggest revelation is that I am not alone, just a breed that feels anxiety.
– S.A. QLD, Australia

Highest recommendations! Fantastic course! Andrea was really professional, well-prepared and highly organized (no rambling). She offers so many proven, practical, do-able techniques that there’s sure to be at least one thing that works for every one and every situation. End result is a toolbox of approaches to ameliorate anxious thoughts and feelings. Best of all, Andrea has the loveliest, most soothing voice and she comes across as genuinely compassionate – just hearing her and the obvious empathy in her tone makes an immediate impact. I’m so appreciative of the time she put in creating and recording this course.
– C.T. Lakeville, N.Y

How to Make Peace with the Body You Live In

If you struggle with body image issues, this course will help you uncover the root causes of your body battle and gently guide you along the path of peace.

I have often thought how strange it is that I take such good care of my car but don’t pay as close attention to filling my body with such good care. But as I add more mileage to this body I realize more and more, my gratitude to my body for getting me to this point in life. Through the support of your nourishing teachings, I vow to continue to pay more and more attention to my special chassis. Thank you for your teachings!
– C.H. Elk Grove, California

This is a superb course, thank you so much. After what feels like hundreds of years working on this stuff, this kind and gentle course was the tipping point for me, giving me the practical tools to keep reminding myself these issues all relate not to calories in/calories out, BMI, weighing scales (scales are for fish!), fat grams, clothes sizes, etc. But totally to a lack of self-care, self-love and self-compassion. I know one has to be ready for those concepts but for anyone who is, I feel that this course distilled everything into manageable, incremental sessions to help them move along the long path from hating their body to starting to accept it, then liking it and ultimately, to love it. Each session beautifully builds on the one before and the final “hateful or grateful” phrase is to be my new mantra to keep this practice (because it takes some practice of course) going until my body isn’t a thing to be judged, in any way at all – good or bad, on an hourly basis. I work in the field of public health, particularly working on issues relating to obesity, ironically. This course is something I will recommend to anyone I feel is ready for it. Thank you again, Andrea. Your warmth, experience and kindness radiates through all of your contributions here. Much love and gratitude to you from Wales in the UK!
– J.U. Cardiff, UK

This course was very helpful. It will take time to really change my thoughts but now I have a good foundation for doing so. Thank you so much Andrea!
– C.C. Paris, France