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Decrease Anxiety & Increase Inner Peace: This 18-minute guided meditation will help you quiet your mind, calm your body and soothe your nervous system.

Healing the Diet/Riot Cycle: This 20-minute meditation is for anyone struggling with the painful cycle of dieting and overeating.

The following three recordings are companions to Getting Over Overeating for Teens
Published by New Harbinger

Stress Less MeditationThis 15-minute guided meditation (for all ages) helps decrease the stress that can lead to overeating.

Kind Mind Meditation: This 15-minute guided meditation (for all ages) helps improve body image. 

Getting Over Overeating Podcast: 12-minutes of healthy messages for anyone struggling with overeating or binge eating.

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Anti-Anorexia Podcast: For anyone who is trying to overcome dieting, restricting and/or anorexia.
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Bulimia-Buster Podcast: For anyone who is trying to overcome dieting, bingeing or purging.
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Binge-Buster Podcast: For anyone who is trying to overcome dieting, overeating or bingeing.
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More Recordings

One-hour and 15 min. interview on Life Unrestricted Podcast: How to make therapy work for you – July 2017

50-minute interview on The Sexyfit Podcast: Ending Your “I Feel Fat” Spell – May 2017

20-minute interview on ED Matters Podcast – April 2017

One-hour interview on Relationships 2.0 with Dr. Michelle Skeen – December 2016

10-minute podcast with Jennings Wire – September 2016

One-hour interview on Real Talk with Audre – July 2016

50-minute interview from the Kick Sugar Addiction World Summit 2016

Don’t Diet, Live-It Teleclass Recording – March 2010
Learn about the four components of a Live-It in this one-hour class.

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